MetriKs Amérique offers a comprehensive suite of survey services in support of local, federal, or foundation funded grants, non-profit organizations, and for-profit organizations across disciplines. Surveys include instruments consisting of close-ended (i.e., quantitative), open-ended (qualitative), or mixed-mode (consisting of both close and open-ended) items that might be administered in written form, online, or verbally.

Survey Development
Developing a quality survey is an involved process that entails many steps. MetriKs first collaborates with you to gain an understanding of the survey’s intention. We offer a number of services related to survey development including literature reviews to inform item writing, writing survey items, and developing measures of constructs across disciplines. 

Assistance in Selecting Quality Existing Surveys
Survey research is a growing field and there is an abundance of available surveys. MetriKs offers services to conduct scholarly reviews of the literature to determine if an existing survey is available that meets your needs. Unfortunately, not everything available is high quality. MetriKs offers services to examine existing surveys to inform whether the survey is likely to yield quality data for your needs.

Validation Studies

Evaluating the psychometric quality of surveys is essential to ensuring that a survey produces reliable (consistent) and valid (meaningful) information. MetriKs offers services for examining the reliability and validity of existing surveys. We also offer services related to testing the reliability and validity of newly developed surveys in accordance with the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, APA, NCME, 1999).  Some of these services include, but are not limited to, conducting small or large-scale pilot studies to examine the reliability of the data produced, rating scale functioning, comparing the data yielded to measures of other similar constructs, conducting cognitive think-aloud interviews with a sample of the target population to determine if they interpret the items as intended, and examining the face validity of a survey by having survey and perhaps content experts review the survey. MetriKs offers the application of both classical test theory methods (including factor analysis) and modern measurement models (e.g., Rasch model) in this process.

Focus Group Interview Facilitation

Focus group interviews are a form of survey where about 7-10 people are interviewed at once. Focus groups can provide rich information regarding people’s perceptions on a topic, product, or phenomenon. In addition, this form of surveying can provide deep insight into people’s experiences. At times, it is more appropriate to have an external facilitator of the focus group interview.  MetriKs offers services such as assisting in providing strategies forming focus groups, developing questions to elicit discussion during focus groups, and facilitating or assisting in leading focus groups. 

Power Analyses and Sampling Plans

Not only is it important to consider how many to survey, but also who to survey. If interested in generalizing survey results to a larger target population, then power analyses need to be conducted to determine how many people need to be surveyed. MetriKs offers services to conduct quantitative power analyses to determine minimum sample sizes needed depending on the end-goal of the use of the data. Metriks also offers services in determining what type of sampling techniques to use (including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods sampling techniques) depending on the end-goal of the use of the data. 

Analysis of Survey Data

MetriKs offers services to analyze existing survey data from existing large-scale local or national data sets or newly collected survey data to address specific research questions. Our team consists of experts in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods data analyses with experience in analyzing both small- and large-scale data sets. Services include descriptive, inferential, and content data analysis. 

Workshops on Survey Item Writing and Conducting Focus Groups

Writing quality survey items or interview questions to be used in one-on-one interviews or in focus group interview settings is part art and part science. At your site, or ours, we make the day meaningful and productive. MetriKs offers item-writing workshops for the item writers to ensure they understand the rules for writing quality items depending on the type of survey being developed. If interested in workshops related to conducting focus groups, MetriKs can provide strategies to consider in formulating and moderating focus groups. MetriKs also offers services to work with writers in small groups to provide assistance in applying the rules of sound item writing in constructing new survey items or interview questions or revising previously used items or questions.
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