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Psychometric Services
MetriKs offers consulting in a wide-variety areas including test development and evaluation, advanced statistical design, evaluation of programs and grant-funded entities, school development, industrial marketing, and expert legal testimony.
MetriKs Amérique and its preferred partner Clarity Assessment Systems offer a comprehensive suite of psychometric services in support of examination and credentialing programs. Services are offered independently or as part of a full examination package. 

Professional Job (Task, Practice) Analyses

A professional job/task/practice analysis represents a careful study of the daily tasks performed in the service of a career, and the skills required to successfully perform those tasks. Job analyses serve as the foundation of support for the validity of examination programs, and also assist in the development of the test specifications needed to construct an examination. Clarity offers a number of options for the conduct of such analyses including web-based and in-person data collection.

Development of Test Specifications

Test specifications are the roadmaps for constructing an examination. They define what content is to be covered, what skills are to be assessed, and at what level each is to take place. Clear definitions of the specifications are critical to the validity and reliability of the examination process. Together with Clarity Assessment Systems, MetriKs has been developing blueprints for low- and high-stakes testing in the education and health-care industries for over 20 years, and has mastered the art of effectively working with testing boards to develop and then communicate the specifications to clients.

Item Analyses and Test Review

Psychometrics is essential to the success of any testing program and involves understanding of statistics, sound item writing, and expertise in the area being tested Generally speaking, testing committees, often made up of volunteers who work once or twice a year on constructing examinations, are not experts in psychometrics or statistics. We learned early on that if you speak English, people understand you a lot better than if you speak statistics. That understanding led MetriKs to develop its proprietary ClearStat™ Item Analysis System, a revolutionary reporting system that makes understanding the performance of items and examinations as easy as reading a book report. We use the most advanced measurement models available for written, oral, and clinical examinations, and then make that information meaningful and useful. 

Item Writer Workshops

Writing functional items is part art and part science. We’ve been hosting item-writing workshop for so long, we even wrote a book on the process. At your site, or ours, we make the day meaningful and productive. The process involves first providing an item-writing workshop for the subject experts to ensure they understand the rules for writing quality items. Then, we assign psychometricians to work with test writers in small groups to provide interpretation of how items performed in the past and guidance in applying the rules of sound item writing in constructing new items or revising previously used items. 

Oral and Clinical Examination Development and Analyses

MetriKs’ and Clarity Assessment Systems don’t just serve the needs of our clients who offer traditional written examinations. We also provide service for oral, clinical, practical, and non-traditional or authentic examinations. We employ state of the art measurement science and have pioneered new models for assessment in this area. In fact, some of our new models have been judged so effective and successful they have been adopted by other psychometricians for their own programs. 

Clarity Assessment Systems is a preferred MetriKs Amérique assessment partner, specializing in high-stakes examination and certification programs. If your needs are not specifically outlined in this document, just ask. Our goal is to meet yours. Clarity Assessment Systems: Simple Solutions for a Complex World™.
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MetriKs is a private, psychometric, statistical, and
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