MetriKs Amérique offers an inclusive set of evaluation services in support of local, federal, or foundation funded grants, non-profit organizations, and for-profit organizations across disciplines. Evaluation services assessing the worth or merit of a program or grant may be provided for the entire evaluation process from design through analysis and report writing. While our first choice is to begin working with you from the development stage of your program/grant evaluation, we realize this initial collaboration is not always possible. MetriKs provides a number of independent services including:

Collaborative Evaluation Design

Developing a quality evaluation is an involved process that is composed of many steps. MetriKs first collaborates with you to gain an understanding of the program or grant’s purpose(s). Part of this process may involve assisting in developing a program logic model including clear inputs, outputs, and intended outcomes to inform the evaluation purposes and questions. Evaluation design may require MetriKs writing an evaluation section for a grant submission. MetriKs affiliates have successfully developed and implemented evaluations for publicly funded entities such as the National Science Foundation, the United States Department of Education, state departments of education and board of regents, as well as private institutions.

Instrumentation/Protocol Development

Selecting or developing instrumentation (i.e., attitudinal surveys, cognitive tests, focus group interviews) and generating protocol for instrument administration are often a challenge with the wide array of instruments that exist. MetriKs offers services to conduct scholarly reviews of the literature to determine if an existing instrument is suitable to meet your needs. Since all instruments may not be appropriate to assess the outcomes for your evaluation requirements, MetriKs also provides services in creating instruments (see Survey Services and Psychometric Services) directly aligned with your program or grant’s goals. Once instrumentation is determined, MetriKs can help you develop the most time and money efficient data collection protocols. 

Analysis of Data

Quality evaluations generally consist of both quantitative (e.g., survey, test) and qualitative (e.g., individual or focus group interviews) data sources combined to provide a holistic picture of the grant or program impacts. MetriKs associates are skilled in quantitative data analysis (e.g., descriptive and inferential statistical, classical and modern measurement) as well as qualitative data analysis (e.g., content analysis, narrative analysis). Additionally, one of our analytical strengths is combining both quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques to form meta-inferences allowing for more complete implications to be drawn. 

Report Writing

All evaluations, whether they are for an outside funding agency or your own institution, require some form of evaluative report writing to be completed. MetriKs offers both formative and summative evaluation reporting to provide a balanced evaluation system. Formative evaluation reports are used to assess the value and worth of a program and program fidelity while it is in progress. Program designers and implementers then use this information to drive programming decision- making. Summative evaluation reports are completed the end of the cycle to assess the effectiveness of the program or grant in meeting the outcomes.
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