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Dr. Douglas Stone began professionally practicing using the name Metriks (unincorporated) in 1986. 
As a corporate entity, MetriKs Amérique LLC, formerly MetriKs Consulting Ltd began operations in Chicago, Illinois in 1999. MetriKs Consulting Ltd was incorporated in Illinois on May 14th, 1999. MetriKs Amérique LLC was reconfigured and incorporated in Tampa, Florida on July 26th, 2002 in order to access an expanding market in testing organizations. Metriks Amérique LLC was reconfigured and reincorporated in Ohio on January 31st, 2006, in order to add partners across the Midwest. Multiple grant opportunities and a decision to move the corporate office from Florida prompted the move.
In 1998, Dr. Gregory Stone developed a software system to analyze and present test analysis results. The program was then branded as the ClearStat™ Software System.
MetriKs Amérique is presently the sole provider of psychometric services to Clarity Assessment Systems LLC, and licenses its Proprietary ClearStat™ Software System for use by Clarity.
Headquartered near Toledo Ohio, MetriKs Amérique maintains offices in three states. MetriKs associates outside of North America include individuals permanently based in China and Australia. All associates hold advanced doctoral degrees across the research and measurement specialties, curriculum, and psychology.
First established in 1986 as MetriKs (unincorporated), MetriKs Amérique LLC expanded in 2002 adding several new associates.
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